Virtual Reality Planning - Architectural Visualisation London
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Click and move mouse pointer on the image to look around. 


A 360 planning view is a spherical image created using a 360 photograph, computer generated image or a combination of the two. They are best viewed using a VR headset placing the user into the centre of the scene.

This immersive experience allows for a greater understanding of a scheme and its relationship with its surrounding context.

360 VR planning views are created at pre-determined locations and offer a 360 view from a fixed viewpoint. However if the user moves their head to the left or right, sensors in the headset recognise this motion and apply it to the users field of view.

To create a 360° planning image we first need to agree the best viewing locations of the scheme.

We will visit the site with our 360° 8K resolution camera to capture image backplates – geographic coordinates of the image capture locations are surveyed along with measurements of key landmarks.


Using the survey data and camera information we create virtual cameras that match the real world cameras.

The proposal is modelled from plan or a supplied 3D model is used, we match the scene lighting and texture the model to the architects specifications.

Using our accurate photogrammetric context models we can ensure the proposal is placed correctly within the geo referenced scene. Once we are happy the real world and virtual cameras match accurately we render the proposed scheme and overlay it onto the backplate to create an accurate photomontage of the site with the proposal included.

Example showing the 360° photograph backplate and camera matched CGI overlay.

CGI Overlay