Virtual Reality property tours - Experience the latest in VR technology.
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Click and move mouse pointer on the image to look around. 


EB7 Immersive is involved at the earliest stages of a project and as such can utilise a wide range of Virtual Reality tools to enhance the planning, design and marketing process.

We have been using Virtual Reality for a number of years, however with VR hardware now available to the mass market we feel it has the ability to radically change the architectural visualisation industry. Using a VR headset allows users to gain a real sense of space and scale of a scheme allowing clients to develop and market the building to its full potential.

We create 3 types of Virtual Reality experience, each suited to a particular end use within the planning and design process.

To find out more information on each VR experience please us the links below.


A 360° planning view is a spherical image created using a 360° photograph, CGI or a combination of the two.


Virtual Marketing Suites create a unique dynamic experience that help sell a space to any user.


We create bespoke realtime environments that allow users to explore and interact with 3D environments.

Immersive not Isolated

We believe that VR is a fantastic sales and design tool however wearing a VR headset can isolate you from your immediate surroundings. This immersion and subsequent isolation has it draw backs in a collaborative environment.

To combat this we have developed a solution that allows for multiple headsets to be live linked together in one session. Content displayed on the headsets is driven by one master user,  with the same content streamed to all headsets at the same time.

The master user can identify where each individual team member is looking allowing them to guide all users through the VR experience together ensuring a better group experience.