Use CGI's to accompany your next Planning Application
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Planning CGI’s are an effective way of visualising a proposed development to assist with planning applications.

CGI’s created for the planning phase of a developments lifecycle are easy to interpret and assist with communicating the developers design intent to a wide audience.

We work closely with Developers, Architects, Planning consultants and Townscape advisors to create planning CGI’s that help inform and refine the design, consultation and construction process.

A planning CGI is typically created using a photo-montage, this involves seamlessly combining a 3D model of the proposed building with a photo backplate taken from key viewpoints.

Upon instruction our planning CGI team research the proposed site, its context and study the drawings or 3D model supplied by the Architect.  Using this information we choose an appropriate time of day to photograph the image backplates to be used in the CGI’s. Our aim is to show the proposed development sitting within the surrounding context in a sympathetic way, the time of day combined with the selected viewpoints are critical to this.

Prominent schemes or developments in more sensitive locations may require a specialist CGI called a Verfied View  or AVR – Accurate Visual Representation, these are generally requested by a local planning authority to accompany the planning submission. To read more about or Verified View service please click here.


Photo-montage planning CGI’s are artistic representations of a proposed development, to an extent they allow for more creative freedom within the image whilst depicting the proposal accurately within its context.  However a photo-montage lacks the verifiable visual accuracy required for CGI’s created for inclusion within Town Visual Impact Assesments and for developments in sensitive locations, this is when an AVR – Verified View is required.

Verified View

Verified View – AVR

Verified views are specialist CGI’s created for planning purposes. A verified view is an accurate visual representation of a proposed development created by combining context photography and survey information resulting in an image that has verifiable visual accuracy. Verified views are specialist photomontages that can also be referred to as Accurate Visual Representations or AVR’s.

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