Eb7 Immersive | Accurate and detailed 3D context models
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We create accurate and detailed 3D context models using state of the art photogrammetric technology. Utilising high resolution digital aerial imagery we can capture bespoke 3D context models that are accurate to within 15cms. With access to the latest aerial imagery of the UK we can capture a 3D context model of any size, from a few buildings to entire city centres. Typical sites can be created in a few days and tailored to your end use.

We use these models in our CGI’s and Animations, however we also work closely with leading Surveying, Property and BIM consultants.

With over 14 years experience using photogrammetry for 3D context model creation we have refined the capture process and ultimately made the end product extremely user friendly.  All 3D context models are cross platform compatible and available in a variety of data formats.

What is Photogrammetry?

Photogrammetry is the practice of determining the geometric properties of objects from stereo photographic images – in our case, the geometric properties of terrain, buildings and man-made features. Using high resolution imagery and the latest Photogrammetric software and hardware allows us to capture extremely accurate, georeferenced 3D building models.

Screen shot of vector data capture from high resolution aerial image.

Detailed Facade Modelling

Once we have the base photogrammetric model  facade details can be added if required.  These details can be captured and modeled in a variety of ways depending on time and budget constraints. The quickest and cheapest solution is to use street based photographs to model from, this produces great models for extrnal CGI context. However if accuracy is key we can align 3D Lidar scans to the photogrammetric model and combine the two data-sets to produce a model suitable for analysis.

Example showing facade detail added to base photogrammetric model.

Case Study – Beckton Masterplan